Here’s Your Guide to Using Games for Learning


We’re often asked by learning practitioners interested in expanding their craft, “How exactly can games be used to support learning goals?” In the new Games As Guide, we answer this question and a whole lot more with informative visuals and concrete examples of all the special things that games can do.

Intended as a beginner’s resource for anyone who works with youth, the guide provides some ideas on how, when, where and why games can be used to engage students in the process of learning. Games, we argue, are a whole host of things, aside from fun and entertaining. They are:

  • authoring tools that unlock new modes of creativity,
  • in-depth explorations of specific subject matter,
  • models of complex systems that players learn to manipulate,
  • series of choices that require acquisition of new knowledge,
  • empathy-inducing examinations of different points of view,
  • narratives loaded with meaning that begs to be analyzed,
  • and spaces that inspire self-reflection, and a drive for improvement.

The full 7-page Games As Guide can be downloaded below. Share the pdf with anyone searching for inspiration on using games either in the classroom or outside of it, or print out the posters to hang where you work!

Games As Guide (1.4MB)