Resources for Educators

Every day, we hear from teachers, school administrators, and youth mentors who believe that games might have a powerful role to play in twenty-first century learning. We talk to inspiring people who are passionate about creating change, either in their own practice, or in the community of which they are a part. We discuss tough questions, like…

  • “I want to use games to engage students in my classroom, but I don’t know where to start.”
  • “How can I convince my school district that games are a great way to meet the needs of today’s learners?”
  • “Is there a game that would help me and my students achieve these learning goals?”
To help answer these questions, and support educators who want to use games and game-like experiences in formal and informal learning spaces, we’ve designed a number of tools and resources, which you can learn more about below.

Games As… Guide

Let these infographics be your guide to how, why, when and where to use games to support learning.

Browse and download the Games As Guide.

Q Design Packs

Q Design Packs break down the Quest Schools model of game-like connected learning into its core components. Pick and choose the pieces you want to bring into your school or learning environment, and then use the provided tools and worksheets to make it happen.

Currently, four design packs are available for download:

Download the Q School Design Pack (PDF 3.9MB)

Download the Q Curriculum Design Pack (PDF 5.4MB)

Download the Q Systems Thinking Design Pack (PDF 5.2MB)

Download the Q Games and Learning Design Pack (PDF 4.9MB)

Quest Learning in Action Videos

Get a view into the way learning happens at Quest Schools. The Quest Learning in Action videos bring the Quest model of game-like connected learning to life. Each video shows how the core design principles of the model become classroom practice, highlighting just some of the ways game-like learning can be effectively used by students and teachers.

To see the full series of 7 videos, please visit the Quest Learning in Action channel on Vimeo.

Playmakers: Case Studies on Games and Learning

This series of videos might inspire you with stories about the experiences and innovations that are changing the way we think about learning in the 21st century.

Watch the videos on Playmakers.

SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!

In the first of a suite of SimCityEDU games, GlassLab delivers a version of SimCity created specifically for the classroom, with all of the tools and content you need to making learning come alive for students.

To learn how you can bring the game into your classroom, visit SimCityEDU.

Playforce: Learning from the Games We Play

Get the lowdown on who learns what from which games by browsing a database of player perspectives in this community dedicated to discovering and sharing learning experiences in games. Or challenge your students to think critically and articulate what they learn from games by adding their perspectives to the site.

Join Playforce, currently in open beta.

Gamekit: Game Design Challenges for Teens

Help aspiring teen game designers hone their skills with these self-directed design challenges created and moderated by a community of professional game designers. Be sure to check out the deeper dive and curriculum tips for educators on each challenge.

Visit Gamekit‘s beta site and start making games today.

Playtime Online Webinars

Connect live with the Institute’s teams and partners for panel discussions, Q&As, product demos, Office Hours, hands-on workshops and other interactive activities.

Learn about upcoming events or browse archived webinars on the Playtime Online homepage.

Developing Quest to Learn

Everything you ever wanted to know about the design and development of the Quest model – including how research became practice in the New York City public school Quest to Learn – is available in a book published by MIT Press.

Download a free PDF of the e-book.

Gamestar Mechanic and Learning Guide

With Gamestar Mechanic, your class can learn the fundamentals of game design and systems thinking through an online adventure game. Download the free learning guide for lessons, activities, and other associated learning tools.