Resources for Players

We often hear from young people who believe that the games they play help them learn new content and skills in powerful, engaging ways. For these youth, playing involves exploring new interests, solving complex problems, expressing themselves and connecting with peers. They ask us questions like:

  • “How can I convince my parents I’m learning while I’m playing?”
  • “I want to learn how to make games. Where do I start?”
  • “How can I get games like Minecraft in my school?” 
To help answer these questions, and support young people who use games to learn, we’ve designed a number of tools and resources, which you can learn more about below.

Playforce: Learning from the Games We Play

Stand up and tell the world what games can do by sharing what you learn from your favorite games.

Join Playforce, currently in open beta.

Gamekit: Game Design Challenges for Teens

Put on your game designer hat and practice, practice, practice with these self-directed design challenges created and moderated by the pros, which cover a variety of methods and platforms.

Visit Gamekit‘s beta site and start making games today.

Playmakers: Case Studies on Games & Learning

This series of videos might inspire you with stories about games (like Minecraft, Portal, and StarCraft) that are changing the way we think about learning in the 21st century.

Watch the videos on Playmakers.

Gamestar Mechanic and Learning Guide

With Gamestar Mechanic, you can learn the fundamentals of game design and systems thinking through a fun online adventure game.

Also check out the free learning guide for lessons, activities, and other associated learning tools.