Seven Things To Appreciate About Teachers

Teaching isn’t just something you do, it’s a way of being that encompasses a whole bundle of knowledge and skills developed over time. Designing, assessing, planning, practicing, experimenting, integrating, reflecting, leading, managing, supporting, growing… the list goes on!

So in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 7th!), here are seven things we appreciate when we appreciate teachers:

Designers. Teachers design learning experiences that change lives. They know that students learn better when they are engaged, and craft meaningful, differentiated ways for students to interact with content and achieve learning goals.

Assessors. Teachers help students set learning goals and work towards achieving them. Data scientists and agile course-correctors, they are constantly collecting, evaluating, and reflecting on data, and charting the best way forward for each student based on strengths and areas of need.

Systems thinkers. Teachers show students how, with the right tools and ways of thinking, they can change the world. They think holistically, understand interactions among parts of dynamic systems, and manage complexity on a daily basis.

Wellness integrators. Teachers are integral parts of a school community that extends far beyond the classroom walls. They support students’ social, emotional and physical well-being.

Technologists. Teachers are restlessly seeking out the best tool for every job. They discover meaningful ways to use technology in support of learning goals, and imagine how new technologies might unlock new possibilities for learning.

Practitioners. Teachers are constantly honing their craft. They’re devoted to their own growth and professional development, and actively seek out and participate in support networks inside and outside of the school community.

Leaders. Teachers model the behaviors they want to see in the world around them. Not only do they serve as role models for the next generation of leaders, they apply habits of leadership to activate support networks inside and outside of the school community.

We developed this framework of seven key dimensions of teaching to better support our teachers at Quest Schools in their continued growth and daily practice. For more on how we support teacher development in an integrated way across these seven dimensions, check out the Q School Design Pack.

How will you show your appreciation for all that teachers are?