Mission Lab Games Blast Off (and Smack Down)

Photos by JR Sheetz

Last Wednesday, about 20 teachers from across the New York tri-state area gathered in our offices to playtest two new games from Institute of Play: the rocket-boosting math game Absolute Blast, and an energetic discussion-based humanities game called Socratic Smackdown.

These two games aren’t exactly new: they were designed by Mission Lab, Quest to Learn’s in-house learning design studio, and have been played in classrooms in the school for years, going through countless iterations in the process. Now that the games have been thoroughly refined and road-tested, we’re finally ready to make them available to anyone who is interested in using them!

So this summer, we’ve been hosting a number of playtests and feedback sessions to help us develop the supporting tools and resources that teachers will need in order to use Mission Lab games in their classrooms.┬áCheck out the playtest slideshow for a glimpse behind the curtain of our game design process.

Absolute Blast and Socratic Smackdown will be available for download this fall. To find out where you can download them, be sure to join our community.

Since Quest to Learn opened in 2009, Mission Lab has developed over 70 original games. Our goal is to publish all of these in the future, so we’ll certainly be keeping busy! Stay tuned for updates on our progress!