Say Hello To Our Advisory Council!

Earlier this month, Institute of Play put out a call for teachers to join its new advisory council, known as Octopus Pilots. More than 50 Pilots have signed up so far, and to our delight they’re from all over the world: from Brazil to Portugal to Germany to Israel!

We will be tapping this team of educators for advice and feedback as we design new and engaging learning tools for students.

And because we believe that the only way to design new tools is to develop new perspectives and new ways of thinking, we are now inviting non-teachers to join Octopus Pilots as well!

Informal educators, parents, developers, and designers are also invited to become Octopus Pilots, and share ideas within this vibrant community. If you’re interested in becoming an Octopus Pilot, sign up using the form at the bottom of the page.

And now, without further ado, we’re excited to introduce you to just a few of our stellar pilots:

Sheila Frye: Sheila is a Reading Specialist by day and a literacy innovation researcher…also, by day. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in the design of learning environments and is researching the crossroads between interactive eBooks and reading comprehension. She has been in education for over fifteen years and has certifications in reading, special education, and educational supervision.

Matthew Farber: Matthew is a social studies teacher at Valleyview Middle School, in Denville, NJ. He holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from New Jersey City University. In 2009, Matthew  was a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation educator fellow. He is a regular contributor to Edutopia, where he writes about game-based learning trends. Matthew is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership (Ed.D.) from NJCU, where he serves as a part of the adjunct faculty.

Peggy Sheehy: For the last sixteen years, Peggy has served as classroom teacher, district technology trainer, curriculum developer, Keynote speaker, media specialist, theater director, online educator, consultant, story-keeper, Guild Master, TV host, and concierge of fun & games in her mission to make school relevant. She currently teaches middle school students in Ramapo Central School District, New York, as she guides her 6th grade students in a Hero’s Journey through Humanities.

Avery Rueb: Avery has taught English and French as a Second Language in Montreal, Québec for the last fifteen years. After seeing Jesse Schell’s DICE 2010 talk, Avery knew that he needed to transform his Second Language curriculum with gameplay. Since then, he has placed second in two competitions for his games. Additionally, Avery has a social vocabulary game and a negotiation game in beta phase.