Institute of Play Visits Barcelona

US Consulate Barcelona | Institute of Play

A playful roundatable at the US Consulate General in Barcelona

In April this year, Institute of Play’s Lead Learning Designer Ross Flatt traveled to Barcelona for a week of conferences, talks, presentations and discussions about the principles of leveraging games to improve instructional methods, and how such techniques are being put into practice at Quest To Learn, the school we founded in New York City. He lead workshops at STEAM Barcelona 2016 and Blanquerna University, as well as a round-table discussion on games-based-learning at the US Consulate General. He also gave an interview to the Catalan newspaper ARA.

Barcelona | Institue of Play

Ross explaining the Seven Principles of Game-Like Learning

Notably, Ross spoke at the Debats D’Educacio conference in Barcelona, in Spain. You can watch his presentation “Revolutionize schools with design thinking and play: How a New York public school is transforming learning” below, or learn more about it (and about the conference) on the presentation’s official page.

All images from US Consulate General in Barcelona via Flickr.