The Real Work of a
21st Century Education

Our world is changing so quickly that we can only begin to imagine what the future will hold. But we are failing to teach our kids the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world.

So how will we prepare them for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet?

The real work of a 21st century education is to spark the passion for lifelong learning that our kids will need to navigate their way to a promising tomorrow.

The education crisis is a crisis of engagement and it is putting our society’s future at risk.

Percent of people who report feeling engaged in school or work

Sources: Gallup Student Poll, 2012; Gallup, State of the Global Workplace, 2013.

It’s time for us to talk about making school more relevant to the lives of students today—to nurture the natural love of learning that will engage them today and empower them tomorrow.

Institute of Play

We create learning experiences rooted in the principles of game design—experiences that simulate real world problems, and require dynamic, well-rounded solutions. We support teachers and other learning leaders in making learning irresistible—creating for students a powerful need to know, and a hunger to learn more. We believe in making learning relevant—to the technologies that shape our kids’ lives, the passions that fuel their ambitions, and the demands of life in the 21st century.

Our first initiative, the New York City public school Quest to Learn, serves as a living lab where we developed and continue to evolve a game-like approach to learning that is transforming not only student engagement and outcomes but also teacher practice in compelling new ways.

Quest to Learn is still young, but the benefits of the Quest model are already clear.

We are building a national movement to make learning irresistible.

Your donation will go to the development of tools and programs that ensure every community has access to great teachers, and every great teacher has access to a community to support him or her in becoming an agent of change.

The Quest model is an anywhere, anytime approach to learning. Please help us bring this innovative educational approach to a school near you.

You can help support tools and programs like:

TeacherQuest, an exciting new approach to professional development for educators

Powerful and seriously fun Print & Play classroom games proven over the years at Quest to Learn

Mission Packs that contain free Quest curriculum

  • “There are practical tools created in Quest to Learn that are going to power a very substantial reform movement. Institute of Play has really started a learning revolution.”
    Dr. Michael Levine
    Executive Director,
    Joan Ganz Cooney Center
    at Sesame Workshop
    “Using the Quest model to create a meaningful need to know in my classroom not only helps me to engage hard-to-reach learners, but it also pushes the limits of my creativity in the classroom and keeps me engaged as well!”
    Leah Hirsch
    Teacher, Quest to Learn
    “You’re actually having fun and you realize it, and then you realize that you’re learning while you’re doing it.”
    Mete Metioglu
    Student, Quest to Learn
    “Our son thrives in Quest to Learn’s innovative environment, where he benefits from creatively-developed content delivered by inspiring teachers, and a school community that shares our view of iteration as a valuable pathway to excellence!”
    Heather Church Tsapalas
    Parent, Quest to Learn