Everything we are and do at the Institute is guided by the following core values, which we strive to hold in awareness.

We value people . . . their inborn creativity and dignity, their power to design, build and rebuild ingenious systems that enrich and give life meaning.

We value play . . . where people find permission to take risks, to fail and have fun trying again and again. In play people are empowered to move freely through rigid structures, like rules, cultural norms or personal belief systems. In that freedom is the potential for transformation, for a break-through beyond whatever confines us.

We value possibility . . . which exists in the moment of break-through, when a game’s structure and rules suddenly shift. To experience possibility is to be inspired to engage fully, to co-create the world we share to play in.

We value partnership . . . and seize opportunities to play with others to enlarge our work and enrich our process. The Institute considers all its staff, supporters, stakeholders, volunteers, friends and fellow travelers important partners and views their engagement as a precondition of success.