Playtime Online: How to Effectively Integrate Digital Games & Tools in the Classroom


About This Episode

Digital games and tools for the classroom are all the rage these days, and rightfully so: new technologies open up wonderful new possibilities for teaching and learning.

But for teachers and administrators, classroom time is precious, so they need to be sure that every new tool is the best tool for the job. There are some tough questions to answer about every new digital learning tool, like: How does it align with standards? How can I be sure it will make an impact on learning outcomes? Does it help me promote digital citizenship? What about parents’ concerns around screen time? 

In this episode of Playtime Online, game designers and learning designers from Institute of Play, along with teachers from our flagship project Quest to Learn, will share strategies for effective and purposeful technology integration from their experiences using digital games and tools in the classroom.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • How digital games and tools can be used intentionally to support deep learning, making, and problem solving 
  • What kinds of games have proven in our experience to be the best use of classroom time 
  • How to to set up conditions and scaffolds for students to use digital games and tools effectively

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Dan O'Keefe
Dan is a Lead Learning Designer at Institute of Play, with a focus on developing multi-dimensional teachers and learning designers, meaningfully integrating technology, and developing blended collaborative spaces.

Claudio Midolo
Claudio is a Senior Game Designer at Institute of Play, where he leads the design and successful implementation of game-based learning materials and experiences.

Tamas Makany
Tamas is a Learning Designer at GlassLab, responsible for defining, developing and bringing to life the key learning and pedagogical considerations in GlassLab’s digital game products.

Atonya Marshall
Atonya teaches Spanish at Quest to Learn.

Kristof Mueller
Kristof teaches Codeworlds, an integrated Math and ELA class, at Quest to Learn.