Playtime Online: Illustrations of Minecraft as a Classroom Learning Tool


About This Episode

Find out what makes Minecraft an AWSM* learning tool in the ultimate sandbox share-off, as players, parents, teachers and fans of the Minecraft community come together to share their Mincraft methods and stories on Playtime Online!

Join Quest to Learn’s Mission Lab members along with Minecraft Language Academy creator James York as they spend a portion of the hour exploring Minecraft live, using examples of the game to make a case for why it’s an effective teaching and learning tool. For all of those interested in learning more about Minecraft as well as how to get their students involved in the game, this episode is not to be missed!

Your chance to participate live: Parents, teachers, players, and students are invited to send a note to the Community Manager for a chance to share their Minecraft story on Playtime Online.

Tune in to discover:

  • Concrete applications of Minecraft in the classroom
  • Why flexible “sandbox” style environments and games are great learning tools
  • What makes Minecraft a strong example of connected learning

Starter Questions

  • What are obstacles to using Minecraft in the classroom?
  • What age range is it appropriate for?
  • What are the variety of classes it could be used for?

*Pronounced “awesome”

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Brendon Trombley
Brendon is a game design at Quest to Learn's Mission Lab, where he designs game-based learning materials and experiences. On the side, he creates and plays "big" games such as new sports, field games, and street games.

Don Miller
Don is the Informal Learning Developer at Institute of Play. He serves as the Director of Playpower, a non-profit organization that brings low-cost learning games to developing countries. Don has also taught as an adjunct professor of creative coding and multimedia at the City University of New York.

James York
James has worked as an English language teacher in Japan for the past six years. He is currently employed at Tokyo Denki University where he is conducting research on digital game based learning, more specifically: the use of Minecraft as an arena for language learning.