Playtime Online: Looking Ahead: What to Expect from the Institute in 2014


About This Episode

We are in the midst of a global cultural shift towards embracing games as a vital tool for engagement in fields from education and business, to culture and civics. We’ve heard from school districts, governments, universities, cultural institutions, and corporations who want to know how they can work with us to create a world where learning is irresistible and innovation possible.

To make the most of this opportunity to solve the most important engagement challenges of the decade ahead, the Institute just introduced a new leadership structure designed to increase the impact of our current projects and programs, while also advancing our mission in a broader range of contexts.

Institute of Play has appointed a new Executive Director, Robert Gehorsam. As our new leader, Robert is charged with building a strong, sustainable foundation for global impact in the field of games and learning. To learn more about these changes – including the exciting details about Katie Salen’s new role at the Institute – check out the announcement.

Tune in to Playtime Online to help us celebrate the appointment of our new Executive Director, along with the launch of our new leadership structure.

Robert will discuss what’s next for the Institute, and how you can help us grow the field of games and learning. Robert will also take questions from viewers during the live broadcast. Have a question for Robert? Submit it to the Community Manager.

Join a very special episode of Playtime Online to learn:

  • How the Institute is changing, and what this means for our communities
  • 3 projects our new Executive Director most excited about in 2014
  • How you can help this year!

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Robert Gehorsam
Robert is the new Executive Director at Institute of Play.

For over 30 years, he has led organizations that are breaking new ground in games, educational technology and digital media. Robert was previously CEO of Image Metrics, a technology company focused on creating compelling interactive experiences through innovations in computer vision and facial analysis.

As a founder and President at Forterra Systems, Inc., he oversaw the creation and growth of a pioneering “serious games” platform that is used by a wide range of learning organizations.

Before founding Forterra Systems, he served in senior executive positions at the Viacom/CBS Internet Group and Sony Online Entertainment, and led Scholastic’s New Media Group.