Playtime Online: Reflecting on MobileQuest CoLab: The Power of Learning by Doing


About This Episode

What does it mean to be an educator in the 21st century? And how should effective professional development look for teachers interested in updating their approach to classroom curriculum?

This past summer, eighteen Pittsburgh middle school teachers took part in Institute of Play’s two-week long professional development program, MobileQuest CoLab, learning how to design and implement game-like learning experiences in their classrooms.

On Wednesday, December 4 at 4pm Eastern,  join key players from the MobileQuest CoLab cohort as they recount their experiences of the program, along with what it was like to be immersed in the game-like learning model used at Quest Schools.

Tune in to Playtime Online to learn:

  • Why “learning by doing” was key to the success of MobileQuest CoLab
  • Memorable aha! moments from the panel
  • The scoop on the Institute’s upcoming professional development program for teachers next summer!

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Nancy Nowacek
Nancy is the Director for Mobile Programs at Institute of Play. She is an Adjunct Professor at Pratt's Graduate Visual Communications program. Nancy's work has been featured in the Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial, AIGA and Print magazine awards and San Jose Art & Technology Biennials.

Rebecca Rufo-Tepper
Rebecca is the Director of Integrated Learning at Institute of Play. She oversees the implementation and ongoing refinement of the Institute’s game-based integrated learning model. Rebecca's research interests center on professional development and school reform.

Vanessa Bentley
Vanessa is a teacher in Pittsburgh. She participated in MQCL this past summer.

Sharon Ostrowsky
Sharon is a Learning Strategist at Quest to Learn. She helped facilitate MQCL this past summer.