Playtime Online: What Does Math Have to Do with Games?


About This Episode

While Denise Cruz was piloting SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! in her seventh grade classroom at Robinswood Middle School in Orlando Florida, her students started asking some very good questions.

Students understood that while they played the game, they were generating data. They also knew this data was being sent back to GlassLab. But what does gameplay data look like? How is this data being used by GlassLab? What is GlassLab learning from all of it? And how did the team at GlassLab learn to do what they do?

In this very special episode of Playtime Online, GlassLab’s all-star assessment team will have a conversation with Denise’s class, giving students a behind-the-scenes look at how the data from games and simulations helps them understand what a player is thinking. Students will find out how GlassLab’s data scientists use the math they learned in school to design and create games like SimCityEDU. 

This is a great webinar for anyone interested in learning about different careers that use math. Students and teachers are highly encouraged to tune in!

Join Playtime Online to learn about:

  • What data from games looks like
  • How math is involved in designing and creating games
  • The variety of paths people take to careers that use math

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Kristen DiCerbo, Ph.D.
Kristen is an Assessment Data Scientist at GlassLab and Senior Research Scientist at Pearson. She is a researches and writes about communicating complex information to teachers.

Shonté Stephenson
Shonté is a Visiting Assessment Fellow at GlassLab, helping describe pathways and patterns in student learning through use of gameplay data and a variety of analytic techniques that include Bayesian networks and data mining.

Denise Cruz & Students
Denise is a Computer Education Teacher at Robinswood Middle School and at Orange County Virtual School in Florida. She is the founder of Inner Potential, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring underrepresented youth ages 7-17 to create and invent using technology.

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