SimCityEDU Summer Pilot

The team at GlassLab is seeking enthusiastic educators and students to pilot its first game, SimCityEDU.

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, SimCityEDU is an educational version of the newest SimCity game. GlassLab has designed SimCityEDU to provide personalized instruction on students’ complex problem-solving skills and comprehension of informational text.

SimCityEDU Demo

Pilot overview and requirements:
U.S.-based educators working with middle school students in grades 6–8 during the months of July and/or August are invited to apply for the SimCityEDU pilot. The official kickoff date for testing is July 7. Students will be working with a prototype of SimCityEDU intended to teach lessons around human impact, pollution, and resource management. The prototype includes Common Core-aligned ELA activities and assesses students’ complex problem solving skills.

Pilot testers are responsible for 1) installing the game, 2) facilitating students as they play SimCityEDU, and 3) providing GlassLab with feedback on the game. Feedback includes interview(s) with GlassLab employees. Students must have onsite access to PCs that meet the minimum specifications listed below. Educators are expected to test SimCityEDU — along with any supplemental curriculum materials provided — with students for a minimum of two weeks.

How you can get involved:
If you would like your class or program to be considered for the pilot this summer, please take a few minutes to complete the following interest form by Friday, June 28.