Gamestar Mechanic Learning Guide

A curricular resource that brings Gamestar Mechanic to life in formal or informal learning settings

This flexible guide covers everything users need to know to use Gamestar Mechanic effectively as a learning tool, and it includes an engaging series of lessons, activities and sample curriculum sequences. The guide begins with a detailed orientation into Gamestar Mechanic. Then a series of highly structured lessons (Game Design 101) explore game design basics, in order to equip kids to think, make and talk like game designers, and to reinforce Gamestar Mechanic’s in-game design curriculum. Finally, a series of challenge cards, stickers and frameworks gives players a selection of jumping off points to stretch and test their game design savvy. A field guide showcases ways of connecting game creation to more traditional academic content, like math, science, ELA, social studies, visual art, design and music.


  • No previous game design experience required
  • Gamestar Mechanic orientation included
  • Provides sample curriculum sequences, as well as lessons and activities for modular use
  • Includes non-digital activities
  • Game design basics covered in series of highly structured lessons, for use alongside Gamestar Mechanic’s in-game curriculum
  • Field guide helps educators connect game creation to more traditional academic content and subject areas
  • Challenge cards give kids fun ways to stretch and test their game design savvy
  • Challenge cards also useful for non-digital game design
  • Includes worksheets and prompts to test activity effectiveness

Download the free pdf version of the learning guide, or view it as a Wiki.