Gamestar Mechanic

An online adventure game where players learn design and systems thinking fundamentals by designing, repairing and playing games

Players complete quests in a steam-punk inspired narrative to save the world from a rogue game designer. They master the basics of game design by fixing broken games. Then, once they’ve proven their fluency with the basics, they earn a game design workshop of their own and the right to design original games. Original game design occurs within a vibrant online community—called Game Alley—where users share, review and collaborate on the games they create, in order to progress through a series of levels to arrive at Master Designer.

To learn more about how Gamestar Mechanic helps develop higher-order 21st century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, read the Gamestar Mechanic Case Study by Peter Hall.


  • No previous experience in game design or game play required
  • Designed for single players in grades four through nine
  • Embed codes allow players to export original games to networking sites like Facebook
  • Built in game design and systems-thinking curriculum
  • Supports traditional social, scientific and artistic literacies as well as common science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) objectives
  • Supports twenty-first century competencies, like systems thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration and digital media literacy
  • Gamestar Mechanic Learning Guide supports educators, librarians and parents in leveraging the game as a learning tool in formal and informal settings
  • Episodic release of new sprite, background and audio components keep game play fresh
  • Winner of Kids at Play 2011 Award for Creativity and Empowerment

To get started on Gamestar Mechanic, play now or explore the option of a premium subscription.