GlassLab Research

Download a series of research publications that speak to game designers and assessment experts and seek to advance the emerging field of game-based assessment

Intended as a resource for game developers, learning designers, and assessment experts, GlassLab Research presents findings from GlassLab‘s efforts to build and test a new type of classroom tool – game-based assessments. In a series of publications over the coming years, GlassLab will document and share the Lab’s multidisciplinary frameworks for research, design, and development of game-based assessments.

Now available for free download or print-on-demand, the first publication from GlassLab, “Psychometric Considerations in Game-based Assessment” explores the opportunities and challenges for psychometricians and measurement experts in using gameplay data to assess student learning, and proposes a design approach that links the process of game design with the process of assessment design.

Psychometric Considerations in Game-based Assessment

In parallel to GlassLab’s own research and documentation, an independent research team from SRI will conduct a series of studies of the validity, reliability, and effectiveness of GlassLab’s game-based assessment products. Preliminary results are currently available from the first strand of the SRI-led research, a meta-analysis of existing research on the effects of video games in educational settings. To learn more about the SRI-led research or download the results of the studies, please visit the SRI GlassLab Research page.

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