An intensive week-long summer camp experience where rising sixth graders explore game design and mobile platforms

MobileQuest gives kids the opportunity to collaborate with professional game designers, creative artists and other experts to learn how to turn great ideas into great location-based games. Working with full-featured smart phones and a variety of analog tools, participants learn the fundamentals of game design through a series of hands-on activities. They design and trade digital avatars via Bluetooth. They solve mysteries with GPS tags. They play original games designed by program mentors and then design and build their own digital and non-digital games.

Originally designed to induct incoming sixth graders to the Quest Schools, the camp curriculum is built around the following competencies: digital literacy, creative problem solving and collaboration. In its fourth year of development, the camp takes place in New York City and Chicago.

MobileQuest 2012

MobileQuest 2011

MobileQuest 2010

 Videos by JR Sheetz