A massively multiplayer online social game about building a kinder, braver world together

PlayBrave is a massively multiplayer online social game that challenges players to take on missions to create a more open, kinder and braver world.

Developed in partnership with the Born This Way Foundation and Gigantic Mechanic, the game engages real-world social networks in actions that spread the seeds of change. PlayBrave’s missions encourage creating and sharing artifacts that embrace the possibility of the kinder, braver world the game aims to create. Actions range from simple tasks (“Find someone in an act of everyday bravery, then take a photo of it and share it on Instagram so everyone can see it.”), to more complex tasks that might require coordinating with other members of the player community (“Make a poster that represents a cause you care about. When you’re done, put the poster where people in your community can see it, and post it on Instagram so everyone else can see it too.”). Each challenge contains within it the potential for acts of resistance, kindness, experimentation and, above all, change.

To play the game, visit PlayBrave.