Mission Packs

Transform your curriculum into a game-like experience that engages and excites your students

At Quest Schools, the curriculum is structured like a game, and organized into a mission and a series of quests. A mission is a trimester- or semester-long unit that poses a complex problem for students to solve. Sometimes, this problem is presented in the context of a narrative and students are given roles to play in the story, like detectives, spies, or journalists. But the mission’s challenge is always just beyond their reach – in order to complete the mission, students must progress through a series of quests that help them build essential knowledge and skills needed to solve the mission’s complex problem.

Using this approach to curriculum design, students are engaged in the material with an immediate “need to know,” or a reason to learn. Not only does this make the curriculum feel relevant to students, it creates opportunities for them to take on real-world roles and apply what they learn to everyday scenarios.

To see how this approach plays out across a range of grades and subjects, download these free Mission Packs for curriculum exemplars:

We are currently developing additional Mission Packs, as well as other professional development resources to support the design and implementation of game-like learning experiences. Please join the Institute of Play community or follow us on Twitter for updates on our progress.