CICS ChicagoQuest

A pioneering public charter school in Chicago and first instance of the Quest learning model remixed

Designed in collaboration with Chicago International Charter School, CICS ChicagoQuest is the second institution of its kind in the U.S. to re-imagine school as one node in an ecology of learning that extends beyond the classroom’s four walls and engages kids in ways that are exciting, empowering and culturally relevant.

CICS ChicagoQuest adapts the curriculum design models pioneered at Quest to Learn in New York City to produce a unique game-like learning experience for students. Each trimester a compelling “need to know” is created in the classroom, as students level up through a carefully designed sequence of challenges, or missions and quests. Students learn by doing and knowledge sharing, feedback, reflection and assessment occur as a natural function of their engagement.

CICS ChicagoQuest opened to its first classes of sixth and seventh graders in September 2011. There are plans to add additional grades each year, until the school offers a complete middle through upper school education in 2014.

Other core partners in the design and implementation of the school include Digital Youth Network, whose innovative approach to digital media literacy spans in-school and out-of-school contexts to deliver unparalleled opportunities for youth to pursue and develop their passions.

With the opening of CICS ChicagoQuest the community of educators, parents, students, designers, researchers, funders, friends and fellow travelers gathered in support of the Quest learning model has effectively doubled. We look forward to continuing to leverage this growing community to evolve, refine and advance the model.

Visit the CICS ChicagoQuest website.