Mission Lab

A learning design studio that develops game-like curriculum to bridge traditional and twenty-first century competencies

Embedded in the Quest to Learn school, Mission Lab comprises game designers and curriculum specialists working closely with teachers to design, produce, playtest and develop game-like curricula, games and other learning materials. These materials are appropriate to the Quest to Learn model, aligned to Common Core State Standards and supportive of key twenty-first century competencies, like systems thinking, creative problem-solving, collaboration, time management, identity formation, persistence and empathy.

Mission Lab is responsible for effective implementation of learning materials, as well as for the purposeful integration of technology in the classroom. In addition, Mission Lab serves as a resource and inspiration for students, who are able to observe and participate in a live design process. Mission Lab also manages the design and roll-out of an innovative professional development program, called Studio Q.

To learn more about Mission Lab, see the Collaborative Curriculum Building video on Playmakers.

Currently we are working to modify and package the curricula, games and other learning materials developed at Mission Lab for use in other learning contexts. Please join the Institute of Play community or follow us on Twitter for updates on our progress.