Studio Q

A dynamic professional development program for the community of teachers, administrators, designers and curriculum specialists in a game-like learning model

Drawing from the best in current learning research and practice, Studio Q provides professional development by focusing on the seven core dimensions of an educator. Specifically, the program seeks to support and develop educators as practitioners, systems thinkers, assessors, technology integrators, designers, wellness integrators and leaders.

Studio Q includes an intensive induction curriculum for teachers new to a game-like learning model and weekly units that build on induction material for use throughout the school year. Studio Q treats professional development as a collaborative, continuous process, embedded in teachers’ daily lives and focused on student learning. There is a strong concentration on real-time performance-based assessments and purposeful technology integration.

Currently Studio Q is being tested and developed by Mission Lab in the Quest to Learn school in New York City, along with materials and sample modules for use in other school and professional development contexts. Please join the Institute of Play community or follow us on Twitter for updates on our progress.