Short Circuit Guides

A set of seven activities and associated tools to kickstart your own Short Circuit Studio

Short Circuit is an after-school experience with a fresh approach to electronics and physical computing for young people. The Short Circuit Curriculum Guide includes seven informal learning activity modules that encourage students to express their creativity and develop DIY digital media skills by exploring innovative uses for physical and digital materials, like circuits, conductive inks, LEDs and the latest programming languages.

Short Circuit Curriculum Guide modules include lesson plans and individualized assessment tools based on programs piloted at Quest to Learn, as well as by the Digital Youth Network and YouMedia programs in Chicago.

If you are new to electronics or physical computing, the Short Circuit Professional Development Guide provides exercises and resources linked to curriculum modules to help you get up to speed quickly.

You can download the Short Circuit Curriculum Guide and Professional Development Guide below, and use them to implement your own Short Circuit informal learning program. Please get in touch to share your results!

Download the Short Circuit Curriculum Guide (PDF, 10.9MB)

Download the Short Circuit Professional Development Guide (PDF, 10.9MB)