SimCityEDU Games

An educational version of SimCity that improves the process of teaching and learning with real-time estimates of student learning that teachers can trust for guiding instruction

With the suite of SimCityEDU games developed by GlassLab, educators have versions of SimCity created specifically for the classroom, with all of the tools and content they need to making learning come alive for students.

Designed in partnership with learning and assessment experts from ETS and Pearson, SimCityEDU Games will engage students in a personalized learning experience, and improve the process of teaching and learning by providing formative assessment information about students’ ability to problem-solve, explain the relationships in complex systems, and read informational texts and diagrams.

Lesson plans and teacher and student dashboards complete the SimCityEDU experience. Built with today’s classrooms in mind, the games support implementation in a wide range of learning contexts, from middle school classrooms to after-school and summer learning programs, and are aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as twenty-first century skills.

The first game, SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!, will be released in Fall 2013. In this science game designed for grades 6-8, students play the role of mayor, doing the challenging work of addressing environmental impact, while balancing the employment needs and happiness of the city’s citizens.

For more information on SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!, visit SimCityEDU or check out the brochure.

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SimCityEDU: Engaging 21st Century Learners