SimCityEDU Community

An online community and resource hub for educators to create and share SimCity-based learning tools and assessments

SimCityEDU will enable educators to create and share learning tools and assessments based on the popular series of digital games.

The online platform will house curricular resources aligned to Common Core State Standards for a broad range of subjects, as well as resources attuned to development of key 21st century skills. SimCityEDU will also provide a community for anyone interested in engaging students in the game’s challenging simulations in urban planning, environmental management and socio-economic development.

SimCityEDU is currently being developed by GlassLab in partnership with Electronic Arts, and launched in beta in March 2013.

Visit SimCityEDU to learn more, or sign up now.

GlassLab continues to develop tools that transform learning and assessment through digital games. For updates on the development of SimCityEDU and other projects, follow @GlassLabGames on Twitter.