WISE 2013

A unique cultural program about games and learning at the World Innovation Summit

The PLAY program at the 2013 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha, Qatar is an invitation for educators, youth and the general public to explore the potential of game-based learning.

Developed by Institute of Play in collaboration with the art collective Trafik, the unique cultural program included a selection of forty game-based learning tools from all continents and many learning areas. In addition, visitors in Doha played with a large scale artistic installation called PLAY 160 reflecting the potential of game based learning. Finally, a series of educational programs familiarized educators and students with features, techniques and future developments of this innovative trend.

The PLAY list, prepared in collaboration with experts from six continents, provides a snapshot of the genres, content areas, technology platforms, and audiences that comprise the landscape of game-based learning applications. An infographic offers a visual overview of the list as a new kind of world territory. One defined by regions and topographical features such as math, science, history, and creativity, and activated by varying styles of game play, from sandbox or puzzle style games, to those pairing action, adventure and role-playing. The list and infographic are available as a downloadable brochure.

To browse the list of game-based learning tools, watch a selection of videos of powerful game-based learning experiences from our Playmakers series, or check out the awe-inspiring photos of the artistic installation, please visit the PLAY website.